About the Artist

Greetings, Precious Darkling,

My name is Olivia Faust, and I am a Canadian artist & maker of enchanted things. Inspired by ghosts, glamour, cakes & kitsch, I am constantly making things and bringing my strange & unusual ideas to life!

I like to work in a variety of mediums including ink, clay, & felting wool, but my true love lies with gouache paint. Through my work, I am always striving to create unique retroesque colour palettes that instill feelings of nostalgia and spookiness.

I work from my studio in my 1885 storybook home named, Rosebud Cottage. My Siamese cat, Henri, is always nestled snug in my lap, and I must always have a cup of tea close at hand. When not creating art, I am often busy searching for oddities in antique shops, ghost-watching in graveyards, or practicing vintage hairdos. 

Halloween is my favourite holiday🦇