Copy of General FAQ

Do you take custom/personal commission orders?
At this time, I am not taking on any personal/custom orders. I am finding that my seasonal updates are keeping me very busy at the moment. I feel as though I just don't have the proper amount of time to dedicate to custom work right now, so I have closed commissions.

When is your next shop update?
Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page, and follow me on Instagram for shop update announcements. I have small shop updates all throughout the year, but my bigger seasonal updates are usually as follows:
*January (Valentine/Winter themed)
*March (Easter/Spring themed)
*August/September (Halloween/Fall themed)
*November (Holiday/Winter themed)

The handmade item I wanted is out of stock! Will you be making more? If so, when?
I'm sorry you missed it! All of my handmade pieces are one of a kind, and I make them as I am called to do so. I rarely make the same thing twice, but even when I do, there will always be subtle differences due to the nature of handmade creations. My work is very guided by the seasons, so if you missed something in a fall update (for example), check back the following fall to see if I have something similar to offer. I know it is very disappointing to miss out on a OOAK piece you had your eye on, but I do create unique handmade things all year long! Follow me on Instagram for the most up to date info regarding my upcoming shop updates.

The print I wanted is out of stock! Will you be printing more? If so, when?
I cannot guarantee if/when a print will return once it is out of stock. I am constantly making new artwork, and therefore rotating out older prints for prints of my newer work. However, if a certain design sells out very quickly, I will usually restock it.

Can I reserve items with you if I won't be available during the time of your next shop update?
Unfortunately, no, I do not reserve items for shop updates. My handmade items often go very quickly and therefore, I feel it would be unfair to other customers if I were to offer reservations on one of a kind items.

Are your handmade items suitable for children? Are they safe to play with?
No. My handmade items are NOT toys. They are soft sculptures and are intended for display purposes only. They are fragile pieces of fine art and should be displayed with care and handled as little as possible.

Where can I see more of your work?
Follow me on Instagram at to see my latest work, and check out my Markets & Shows page to see if I have an upcoming art market or gallery show near you, so you can see my artwork IRL! 

Can I get your work tattooed?
If you would like to have my art permanently inked, all I ask is that you help support me and my work, either by placing an order here in my shop, or by purchasing from my Tattoo Donation Listing in my Etsy shop. My art is my livelihood and I am very thankful for all the purchases made that allow me to keep creating! I really appreciate everyone who asks my permission!
*Please Note: this is regarding work I have already created. I do not take on commissions for custom tattoo designs.